We specialise in Injection Moulding

Darsim Tool & Die are rebranding and trading under OTIMA – For any enquiries or product information please visit www.otima.co.za

These are a list of the Machine we have:

  1. DAKUMAR 268ton Injection Moulding Machine
  2. WELLTEC 100ton F2R
  3. WELLTEC 220ton F2R
  4. WELLTEC 450ton F2R
  5. HAITIAN 120ton HTF X
  6. HAITAIN 300ton HTF X
  7. NEGRI BOSSI 250ton NBSV
  8. TMC 200ton Servo High Speed
  9. 3 x Chillers
  10. 3 x Dryers
  11. KAMATSU Forklift


Darsim Tool & Die for many years have focused on customer specific products, these ranged from the security industry through to the catering industry. In 2013 we established our own products and have been very successful with them. We are currently running 24 hours shifts to ensure quick turnaround times and customer satisfaction.


Contact Us

Physical Address:
Unit 1 Southside Industrial Park
Dame Street
Wadeville, 1422
South Africa

Tel: (+27) 011 865 4046
Fax: (+27) 086 510 2014

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